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  • Citizenship - Enhancing citizenship, democracy and participation
  • The current discourse around citizenship is claimed by a divisive political discourse that seeks narrow the conversation to immigration status. However the Scottish Civil Society believes that citizenship is about enabling the individual to fully participate in communities - including communities of interest - in the wider society and to contribute as much as they want to. This should include supporting under-represented groups Community Empowerment Act 2015; Community Learning and Development Guidance 2013; Public Bodies (Scotland) Act 2014; Self Directed Support Act 2013; BSL (Scotland) Act. UK: National Citizenship Service; Big Society. Significant barriers including lack of resources, legal responsibilities (e.g. managing own support). Voting, community councils etc. None of it is working as not fully democratic Third Sector - we all have a duty to include communities and to
  • All citizens have the right and the means to take part
  • "Participatory democracy strives to create opportunities for all members of a population to make meaningful contributions to decision-making, and seeks to broaden the range of people who have access to such opportunities....[A} strong non-governmental public sphere is a precondition for the emergence of a strong liberal democracy" (Wikepedia).
  • 2022 Council election)
  • Localisation Nordic models of local governance. Icelandic constitution writing postcode, gender balanced. Paid for participation.
  • Participatory democracy (Oliver Escobar) Brazil; paying everyone un-taxable amount of money and ensuring equal access to this.
  • Help empower people by ensuring the barriers are removing for e.g. taking part in public bodies if they are on UC: All barriers are removed to people taking part in civic duties. Provide untaxed payment.
  • Minutes are here:

As a reminder, we agreed:

  • The manifesto would be both for politicians but also the wider sector
  • It should focus on appealing to all political parties rather than the likely party of government.
  • To look ahead to 2030.
  • To use the SDGs as a frame.
  • To include aims for the next five years and ambitions for 2030.

Aims for Government

Ambitions for Government

Aims for the Sector

Ambitions for the Sector

Concluding remarks