Difference between revisions of "Impact of digital technologies on social protection and human rights"

==== '''Case study 2:  ''' ====
As has been discussed, the ability to make and maintain claims online is a central element of Universal Credit. Individuals with limited access to online facilities or who find new technology challenging are at a significant disadvantage. UC can also provide help with housing costs and a landlord portal is being distributed to social landlords. Evidence suggests, however, that the current DWP systems are not adequately developed. In particular, there is no alignment between deductions from UC and housing costs. This can lead to arrears and threaten tenancy sustainment. The below case-study from [ Melville Housing Association]
'''UC Case Study – From Here to Uncertainty'''
Moving forward he is at serious risk of falling through the benefits safety net. His lack of digital skills and the restrictions placed on him by his local Job Centre mean that he is struggling to engage with the DWP. After finally finding a home following years of homelessness, he is now, once again at risk of losing the secure roof over his head.
[ Melville Housing Association]
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