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Welcome to Civil society Scotland Wiki!

The Open Government Pioneers Project builds the capacity of citizens and civil society across the United Kingdom to use open government methods to secure progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Find out more.

  • How the project will work? We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to shape the decisions that affect their future. We want to see people have more of a say in the issues that matter to them. We want to see that nobody gets left behind. Find out more.
  • What the project will do? We are mobilising a network of people and organisations and supporting them to opening up the process through which government works towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more.
  • How to get involved? This site is a shared and open planning space for the Open Government communities in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Use this space to develop the project's proposals and ideas for securing progress towards sustainable development goals. Find out more.

You can immediately start working on developing this wiki, whenever you want (no wiki experience required). No need to register or sign in, unless you want your ideas to be attributed to you (see who’s been contributing). We want you to directly shape these plans by adding your ideas and content to this Wiki. It will be the basis for the project's approach to funding partners and other supporters, and become the programme of activity for the project.