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Sector tends to fall back on evaluation approaches and annual cycles.
Large fundraising departments have expertise on data.
|Mobile phone and identifying aid (Africa)
Oct doc - Simon community, Royal Blind
|Data agenda setting
|Is there a data agenda? What does it look like?
Personal data
Using data and AI inform decisions
Role of automated decision making. Automation is already changing jobs, not just a future agenda.
Skills to system design this. Data literacy and education, reskilling.
Its not which jobs will go and which won't, it's about in what way will all jobs change to e.g. systems design skills.
Open data becomes most useful when it solves a real problem
Open data allows an enterprising individual to innovate using existing data - can sector learn from this
Sector don't often have the expertise to open up their data
|Bustracker app in Edinburgh was based on open data