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Context[edit | edit source]

  • Planet - Securing environmental action and responsibility to the planet for its future generations
  • Minutes are here:

As a reminder, we agreed:

  • The manifesto would be both for politicians but also the wider sector
  • It should focus on appealing to all political parties rather than the likely party of government.
  • To look ahead to 2030.
  • To use the SDGs as a frame.
  • To include aims for the next five years and ambitions for 2030.

Mission statement[edit | edit source]

By 2030, reduce emissions by x%, secure nature's recovery and deliver environmental justice

Narrative[edit | edit source]

[Still to be populated]

Things to reference:

Fight for Scotland's nature campaign - Scottish Environment Act

Need for no-regression principle.

Climate Change Act

Circular Economy Bill

Land Use Strategy

Marine Protected Areas


Health & wellbeing - air quality, obesity, mental health

Link to SDGs

Themes[edit | edit source]

Key asks:

  1. More ambitious environmental targets for 2030
  2. Robust environmental governance
  3. Environmental stress testing for every new policy and budgetary decision
  4. Commitment to protecting and restoring Scotland's biodiversity and natural assets
  5. A Circular Economy
  6. Stronger links between environmental policy and social prescribing, sustainable placemaking and delivery of other co-benefits
  7. Commitment to meaningful engagement with local communities to empower them to make positive environmental choices
  8. Adopt a Future Generations principle which moves beyond political and economic short-termism and recognises Scotland's responsiblity as a global citizen

Kinds of evidence which may support the above:

  1. Examples from other sectors
  2. International reports - IPCC and IPBES reports
  3. UKCCC report
  4. Research papers
  5. Scottish Household Survey - attitudinal and behavioural
  6. Opinion polls eg people think climate change is more important than Brexit
  7. Natural Capital Asset Index
  8. State of Nature Report
  9. Evidence around the movement towards net positive
  10. Stats from key sectors that where current climate change issues are
  11. Climate Change Plan
  12. Evidence of impacts and dependencies on natural capital
  13. Materials from LINK from on FFSN campaign
  14. Ellen McArthur Foundation website for circular economy
  15. Existing Scottish Government commitments and strategies
  16. Pithy quotes from highly respected figures

Big themes Key issues Outcomes Actions Evidence
Food Agriculture impact on biodiversity

Brexit changes to subsidies

Transport Electric vehicles are important but not panacea
Brexit Brexit impact on taking energy away Non-regression

Good environmental governance

Scottish Environmental Act

and lots of other themes!

Concluding remarks[edit | edit source]